Differences between Private Utility Locate and 811

color codes / paint colors associated with the different types of utilities

Private Utility Locate

One Call does not provide utility locates for private utilities. Propane tanks, water lines, sewer lines, irrigation, septic tanks, gas grills, outdoor kitchens, pavilions, electrical lines, pool equipment, fountains and spas are just a few of the things that would require a private utility locate company to mark. Often the service from the main to the property also require a private utility locate. Such as the gas service or the electric service from the main to the meter. Call 811 for the One Call utilities to be located. Then give AK Utilities LLC a call for the private utilities to be identified and marked.

Having your project professionally marked can save you as well as your neighbors and others from personal injury, loss of service and property damage. 

Call 811 before you plan to dig

One Call Locates

ALWAYS call 811 Before You Dig, or your local One-Call Center two to three working days Prior to  your excavation to have the underground utilities located and marked. Often their are other utilities that are not a member of One Call,for example sewer systems, irrigation lines, pool equipment, spas and decorative lighting. These types of utilities will Require a private utility locate.Give AK Utilities LLC a call and let us assist you in preventing any damages to property, as well help to ensure seamless service for yourself and your neighbors.  Remember always follow your states One-Call Law and Common Ground Alliance Best Practices